Man Duh (_horrificbeauty) wrote in diyfucks,
Man Duh

Last night, ______inferno and I had quite the sewing party. We didn't sleep at all, and yet I only managed to come out with 2 successful items.

This was made out of a normal-sized graphic t-shirt and a little bit of a different one (for the waistband).

This one's got multiple shots, so please click the thumbnail ^^^. It was made out of like 3 different shirts--2 white ones (ALWAYS do double layers of white on a skirt) and the maroon colored one. It took a long time to do this because of all the ruffles..what a bitch, but the end result is awesome.

I also made this last week, but haven't posted it yet. This also has multiple shots, so please click the thumbnail

Thanks for looking!
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