The heart is the first feature of working minds (sogoodornogood) wrote in diyfucks,
The heart is the first feature of working minds


lots of shiny things. look. (over 30 pictures. watch out!)

haha. handmade harry potter wand. I burned it to make it dark brown. i have a couple war scars from it.

i ms painted this. i problably spent a good thirteen hours of my life on this, so it's going here. it's the characters of batman-ized

here's a crappy trogdor hat i made at a child's birthday party.

self explanatory:

stencilled booksox!

james dean is a hottie so he gets a close-up:

hanmade stenciled bag. (made out of giant t-shirt)

reconstructed middle school choir shirt:

skirt i made:

homecoming dress from oct 2004 i made:

i love making earrings!

some of my knitting and crocheting:

handmade mask for drama banquet masquerade:

reconstructed t-shirt

bad made from scratch and painted on:

sweatshirt i prettified:

set of makeup/tampon bags for friend:
makeup bag front:

makeupbag back:

tampon bag front:

tampon bag back:

bye bye birdie shirt stenciled/handpainting/sequining/beading:


star wars shirt front:

star wars shirt back:

i'll post more recent/less crappy stuff once i get around to taking pictures of it. ♥
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