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sorry about last time.



Things I've sewed (grammar?)but never wear haha:




Something I wrote, meant to be the beginning of a story that was never written:

Dawn settled over the sleepy hills.

A ghost of blue and gray mist floated over the horizon. A ring of gold shone through the clouds in an instant, and was gone again. And then rain.


The charismatic beads dance in the glitter of the traffic lights. The rain falls, hits the ground, and scatters, like thoughts, making dimples in the gentle stream of the gutters. The drizzle lands tenderly over each individual blade of grass, creating a glisten you only see on the cheeks of movie stars.

The gray sky shifts and swirls and changes. And the sound of each droplet of rain blends to form a melody Vivaldi spent years trying to duplicate. Meanwhile, the neighborhood sleeps.


However, miles away the same rain falls, but to a completely different setting.

The backdrop of the city atmosphere against the silver skyscrapers creates the illusion that the sky is in fact taller in a more urban environment.

Here, the streets aren’t empty, but just as lonely. Crowds of strangers huddle together under dark umbrellas dotted with shimmering rain drops.  Cab after cab glides through the river produced in the streets, while the rain beats down on the hoods that shield the expressionless passengers.






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