♥ ___ monique (xmoniquex) wrote in diyfucks,
♥ ___ monique


Sorry about last time; my application is fixed now!

Sewing Stuff...

It's a skirt..

This is my makeup bag.. hand-sewn a couple years ago, so it's messy and falling apart..

For my mom; ignore my face :/


Project for my fashion class's alteration project. You should have seen it before.. oi.

Stencils... It's a new found love <3

First ever..

Kinda cliche, but eh, I liked it!

My first with words.. they came out kinda.. bad :/

For my boyfriend who's out at drum corps tour for the summer.

Yahhh. I also scrapbook, knit, take pictures, and do makeup. Planning on starting more sewing projects (I don't have a machine right now...) and start making my own jewelry (when I get paid, heh!). Uh, yah. Hope you liked.. :D!
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