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The heart is the first feature of working minds

other stuff

i made a goodbye present. i already posted the hell out of the shirts, but here's other stuff.

click on thumbnails to see bigger images.
box of ocean. it was a wooden box. tiny like 5"x3"x3". i took a million pictures and mod podged it. um. inside, there's a picture accordion. in the main part, mod podged pics, sand, and some shells. the bottle thing is full of ocean water. there sand trapped under a layer of glass. corked, then hot glue gunned the screw on lid in place, hemp and shells to decorate. yes, i live by the beach, so i gave the beach as a goodbye present, aw.

Image Hosted by
um. those frames were sanded, painted, mod podged pictures and stars on matting paper, and i hand sewed and glue gunned the curtains on. made a curtain bar thing out of cardstock. scrapbooking stickers sealed in mod podge for the names. i printed those pics on kodak paper with my printer, i thought they came out snazzy. my printer usually has mood swings and makes everything green or magenta,

here's everything together:
Image Hosted by
if you wanna see detailed pics of shirts try stencilxcore or my crafting journal. linked in my userinfo.
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